Hi I am Josh Dennis owner of Box of Rain Photography. I have done lots of traveling throughout the United States and photographed lots of places. My passion for photography is just an extension of my passion for life. I am perfectly comfortable photographing alone in the dessert as well as a large reception hall full of on lookers and party goers.

Box of Rain is a beautiful, poetic, intangible metaphor, a special magical moment. My goal as a photographer is to bring that idea to the photographs I take, then wrap it up in a large canvas print or photo album to be cherished by you and your family for years to come.

In this time of modern technology when more photos than ever are being taken, fewer photos than ever are being printed. They have been relegated to discs of some type, some sort of hard drive or flash drive, and more than likely will never be seen again. If the photograph is worth making, it is worth being printed and shared with the world for generations to come. Please print your photographs no matter who is making them.