Chicago 2016 Chinese New Year Parade

I had a great time in Chicago this weekend. We took in a Blackhawks Game. I ate my first Italian Beef Sandwich from Portillo’s. It’s a greasy gastronomic delight that tastes so good it is hard to put down. I had mine made with the spicy giardiniera that provides spice, tang and crunch! I can’t wait to have one of those babies again!

The Year of the Monkey!

As fun as those things were the event that topped everything off was our trip to China Town for the 2016 Chinese New Year’s Parade. It was a kick off celebration to the year of the monkey! A lot of different groups came out to partake of the days festivities. We saw Foo Dogs, dragons, and Scottish bag pipes too! It was subzero and snowing like crazy but worth every frostbiting moment!

The year of the Monkey

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